Orchards with old fruit tree cultivars, which have been producing fruits for the people and animals of the region for many years can also be found on the premises of the wildlife park. Sadly, many fruit tree orchards have disappeared from the cultural landscape of the Voreifel and Eifel as a result of aging and insufficient care.

For this reason, our fruit trees are tended to by Bernd Walter, a specially trained tree warden.Tree wardens have been trained in the Eifel since the 1940s. They lived and worked in the districts and villages of the regions and served as contacts for all issues concerning the orchards and their trees. This old tradition has now also been revitalized by the Leader Project Competence Network for Orchards.
The fruit tree wardens of the region are therefore now once again available for questions concerning fruit. With their profound knowledge of care, cultivars and proper pruning methods, they provide valuable information on all issues pertaining to fruit trees, contributing greatly to the survival of these orchards.



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