Are dogs allowed in the wildlife park?

Dogs are allowed in the wildlife park, but must be kept on the leash at all times.  However, there are specially designated areas of the park (with respective signs) in which dogs are not allowed, e.g. the flight and show area of the raptors. Here you have the opportunity to tie your dog while you visit the respective facility or you can take a parallel route.

Are you opened all year round?

The Wildlife Park Hellenthal and the Raptor Center are open 365 days a year.

Do flight demonstrations always take place?

Our flight demonstrations take place at specific times.
You can find out the exact times here.  
In some cases of severe rain, hail or snow, it may occur that the demonstration is canceled. This however very rarely ever happens and if it does, the animals are still shown, held by their falconers, who will also tell you something about each bird.

Is there a difference between the program "A day with eagles and vultures" and the "One-day seminar about birds of prey, owls and falconry"?

Yes, there are differences. "A day with eagles and vultures" is a program that only involves the practical work with the birds, during which you accompany our falconer for a day and have the opportunity to see what it feels like to be a falconer. Under supervision, you will be able to weigh, train (free flight) and feed our birds, clean their aviaries and perform further tasks of a falconer (Further information about "A day with eagles and vultures" - here).

For those wanting to acquire more theoretical background information about falconry as well as birds of prey and owl species have the opportunity to take part in our "One-day seminar on birds of prey, owls and falconry" (More information on the one-day seminar here). This is a combination of theory (1/2 day interactive seminar with lectures) and practice (1/2 day, incl. the opportunity to fly the birds).

Both programs can be booked separately or they can also be combined.


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