Interested in becoming a sponsor?

Help us protect our wild animals and raptors. Become a sponsor for a wild animal, farmyard animal or raptor.

We are a privately-owned company. This means we receive no state subsidies. Nevertheless, we provide generously sized enclosures and perform flight demonstrations with our raptors from Hellenthal at several locations outside of the park in order to provide important educational services for promoting nature and wildlife conservation. Our aim is to arouse an interest for animals, their habitat and species-appropriate husbandry.

We are also a rescue center for orphaned, ill and injured animals. To perform these tasks we rely greatly on veterinary aid.


Animals that are nursed back to health as well as our own captive bred animals are then prepared for life in the wild and released or returned to suitable natural habitats.

A fundamental part of this work is performed by our volunteers free of charge. Yet, we are of course faced with the high costs of x-rays, surgeries, quarantine facilities, feed costs, etc.

With your sponsorship, you make a great financial contribution. Every free-ranging raptor circling high above you during your next walk, every deer at the edge of the woods might have actually been saved thanks to your help...

Of course, we are thankful for each and every donation we receive.

How do you benefit from a sponsorship?
Naturally, we also want to express our gratitude for your help.
You receive:

  • A certificate bearing your name and the name of the animal you are sponsoring.
  • Your name or the name of your company will be inscribed on a sponsorship plaque at your sponsored animal's enclosure.
  • During the course of your sponsorship, you have free admission to the wildlife park and the Raptor Center whenever and as often as you like.
  • Of course, we will also inform you of upcoming activities at or about the wildlife park and Raptor Center on a regular basis.

You may terminate your sponsorship at any time without a period of notice - however only for the future.

We would be very pleased to welcome you as a reliable partner dedicated to promoting nature and wildlife conservation.

We thank you on behalf of our animals and the entire team of the Raptor Center!

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