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Punch and Judy

From the 15th September to 31 December. October, the ideas with the puppet on the forest stage only every weekend and public holiday instead.

Hours: 12.00 clock, 14.00 clock to 17.00 clock

Then the Hunsrücker Puppenbühne adopted this year by their fans.

Nistkastenbau for children


On the 16th and 17th August and 20th and September 21, 2014 Children in the wild open air enclosure may tinker nesting boxes under professional supervision in between 11.00 and 16.00 clock. So just in time for the cold season. Who knows that sometimes rodents such as garden dormouse dormouse or build next tits, nuthatches, sparrows and redstart nest in a nest box. Conservation begins in your own garden. Besides dealing with hammer and tongs, children learn where to hang a nest box and how to look after it. The building material is made ​​from wild animal park and a small donation you can take the homemade bird feeder to take


Witches-magic forest in the wild open air enclosure


  On Saturday, the 27 September 2014 from 18.00 clock issue in the wild open air enclosure again to spooky.

Witches, goblins, fairies, storytellers, Rumpelstielzchen, Ghost Rider and many other fascinating and peculiar shapes floating in the forest preserve her odd game. Mysterious lights provide an exciting atmosphere.

Visitors in witches, fairies or ghosts costume receive a discount.

If you shiver at this driving anyway, so you can distribute this feeling by delicious hearty soups and wellness drinks. For punch, mulled wine, pumpkin carving and baking bread on a stick and the impending autumn, especially for children and the young at heart has its good sides.

It will be a magical experience for young and old - you have only when it is dark in the forest trust !!!

18.00 bis 22.00 clock inlet

Lynx junior



Our lynx offspring are baptized. Read here the corresponding article.

The perfect Show

provide not only the people in the wild open air enclosure - even the animals love the big show. How else is one to explain that being born again and again to the main visiting hours Jungwild?

This week there are four lynx babies who almost simultaneously sees the light of Wet in high operating and trainee Johanna is because of this "blessing" wrote the happiness in the face.

Now visitors to the Wild Things enclosure hoping for warmth and sunshine, so that the two lynx mothers Lilly and Minka bring the small Eifel Tiger quite often to play outside.




Poitou-giant ass - Le Baudet du Poitou

the new favorites in the wild open air enclosure


Just arrived in Hellenthal they have already conquered the hearts of the visitors - the two Poitou donkeys "Bonny and Clyde".

Obviously at ease they feel in their new environment - as if they had never been anywhere else. The Baudet du Poitou is an endangered species of farm animals and is an imposing appearance with shaggy fur and incredibly large open ears, which are protected by a long coat.


As late as 1977 was the Poitou with worldwide only 44 animals as nearly extinct. Thanks to intensive breeding efforts of donkey-lovers the hardest ass in the world is saved again in his inventory (up to 450 kg).


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